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Supply of Nutrition

Out of 597 infected persons 140-150 persons are receiving nutrition support from FLAME. Only the deserving infected persons who are living without the support of relatives, blood brothers and sisters and who can not physically do hard work any more receive our nutrition support. The nutrition support includes 15kgs of rice, nutrition powder, 1litre edible oil, 1kg dhall, detergent soap, bathing soap, shampoo etc. They do not depend on anybody in their village. They are able to have 3 times meal a day in the family. We provide nutritious and planned diet for the beneficiaries during the three day camp that is held every month for the beneficiaries at our care centre. Their CD4 count is increasing. We supply nutritious powder prepared by the SHGs. We also distribute date fruits and Noni syrup for all those who come to the day care centre every day. They are happy and feel grateful to the Organization.

Angels for Our Cause

Since we are helping economically and socially stigmatised and disadvantaged people - we appeal for your assistance with contributions, donations in cash or kind.

You will be like an angel to all those that FLAME PAASAM centre can reach to, because of your help.

We will publish the list of all donors and their photographs for one year in our website.