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Paasa Illam – Children Camp 2018

A Children camp was organized for the children of FLAME-PAASAM between 30th April to 11th May 2018. Various session and programs were planned as part of the camp schedule. The children were privileged to have sessions on Personality development, children parliament, art work, folk and classical dance, silambam, Yoga, newspaper reading, basic computer knowledge, tailoring and some practical skills. Resource persons were invited to conduct the sessions who were backed by FLAME - PAASAM staff. A one day picnic to Kodaikanal was organized which was immensely relished by both the children and staff. On the final day of the camp a closing ceremony was organized. Sr. Carolin FMM was invited as the chief guest who motivated and encouraged the children and all those who were gathered there with her inspiring speech. The children displayed their talents before the people through folk and classical dances, skit and compering. The day ended with the serving of food to all who were present for the occasion. Special thanks to all the Benefactors who supported us to organize this camp.

Angels for Our Cause

Since we are helping economically and socially stigmatised and disadvantaged people - we appeal for your assistance with contributions, donations in cash or kind.

You will be like an angel to all those that FLAME PAASAM centre can reach to, because of your help.

We will publish the list of all donors and their photographs for one year in our website.