Vision & Mission


Our Mission is based on the ideas of Protection, Prevention, Empowerment and Transformation.

  • FLAME receives every HIV Positive brother and sister with utmost respect and treats them with
  • the highest dignity and enables them to live his/her life cheerfully.
  • FLAME cares and caters in varying degrees and areas of life affecting the HIV victims, from spreading
  • awareness by offering medical, nutritious, counseling, and educational support to their children creating
  • awareness in the society through cultural programmes, seminars and rallies.
  • FLAME empowers the down trodden by creating self-help groups, skill training programmes and income
  •   generating programme.
  • FLAME’s ultimate aim is to transform the society into a better world.


When his society considered the lepers as outcasts and untouchables, St. Francis of Assisi audaciously embraced and treated them with love, affection, dignity and brotherly care. We are called to do the same with our HIV/AIDS infected and affected brothers and sisters, who are the lepers of today, and transform our society.


Let there be Light….. That’s the meaning of our Logo. It signifies the gradual spreading of light to the entire world.

Angels for Our Cause

Since we are helping economically and socially stigmatised and disadvantaged people - we appeal for your assistance with contributions, donations in cash or kind.

You will be like an angel to all those that FLAME PAASAM centre can reach to, because of your help.

We will publish the list of all donors and their photographs for one year in our website.